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I will allow many things, but if you want to specifically ask me if something is all right or not, please post your question here.


Oct. 11th, 2016 09:37 pm
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This is the HMD for all my Tyrion Lannister Playing. Please feel free to drop a line here and let me know how I can improve.
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Player Information
Name: Wren
Age: 37
Contact: commodoresexual@gmail.com, OneStarkWren @ Plurk
Characters already in Medietas: Henry Sturges
Reserve Link: Reserve link!

Character Basics
Character name: Tyrion Lannister
Character Journal: tallasaking
Canon: A Song Of Fire and Ice
Canon Point: A Dance With Dragons, one spoiler chapter from Winds of Winter
Age: Approximate age is 27-28.
Icon: https://67.media.tumblr.com/192c04c3602f2c6410fbdc96a418f79b/tumblr_npr5v3GAjs1uncdn9o4_250.png

Canon Character Information
Appearance: Tyrion is a dwarf, and he stands at about four and a half feet, with short legs that cause him to either limp or waddle, and lean frame. He has the golden curls of the Lannister family, with a blonde-black beard, not to mention one green eye and one black eye. He has a fading scar that runs from one end to his face to another, bisecting his nose.
History: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Tyrion_Lannister


They say children who grow up in abusive homes either become abusers themselves, or they try to distance themselves as far as they possibly can from that mindset that they are considered the complete opposite of their family in all things. Tyrion Lannister is, and always will be, the Black Sheep of his family. Not because of his dwarfism, not because of his love of books over warfare and power, and not even his ability to spin power out of nothing but words with no swords to back it up. Tyrion is the black sheep for one reason, and one reason alone. He has chosen to be.

From his very birth, his father and his sister have hated him, and shown nothing but malice towards him. Even when he was a baby, his sister used to twist parts of his body to cause him pain. He has always hated his sister for that, and their animosity only grew through out the years. Tyrion at first only feared his father, and tried to find his approval by being an obedient son, until he fell in love with a miller's daughter and married her. The fallout from his father was so vicious, and so scarring, that Tyrion may have still feared his father - but he hated him enough to rebel against him at every turn, including going to the whore houses as often as he possibly could, and drinking far more than was wise. Yet beyond that, he would still look out for those like himself - the broken, the lost, those who he could help in some way.

He was like that for at least ten years - reading everything he could lay his hands on, drinking everything he could get his hands on and of course, sleeping with every whore he could get his hands on - before the War of the Five Kings. To that end, his brother and sister started the war themselves, by committing incest and then treason, for all of the children of Robert Bartatheon were in fact Jaime's. From that point, it was linked that he was the murderer of Bran Stark. From there, Tyrion was forced to change to save his life - he had to become a leader of men when he had never led before, he had to fight to keep himself from killed. He had to learn how to play a game of cat and mouse on a political arena, where he had done nothing more than clean his father's cisterns. That he did all this, without hesitation and with such skill as to press him forward. The war allowed Tyrion to find himself as a man, in a way that he never would have been able to under his father.

Yet, it allowed him to betrayed in the one way he left vulnerable, and that was his need to be loved and respected. He allowed a young whore, Shae, to start sharing his bed, and as time passed, he thought she had grown to love him. For that alone, he would have protected her from anything, even his father's wrath. His father, in turn, gave Tyrion more power, and the sort of acknowledgement that he began to think that his father respected him. He single-handedly planned the defense of King's Landing, and if not for him than the city would have been sacked and destroyed. Yet when the war was over - his father took away his power and forced him into a marriage with Sansa Stark, a way to keep him leashed. He married Sansa, despite his love for Shae, because he thought he could protect her. There was no one there to protect him, however, when his cruel nephew Joffrey died, and he realized the true colors of his sister and his father, when they both accused him of murder.

This would have been enough to break Tyrion's faith, altogether, but then Shae came forth as a witness against him. He would have been pleased to die then, if not for Jaime coming to save him. Jaime, the one member of his family who he loved, always had loved, and -- the final blow, where Jaime tearfully confessed that his father and he had been lying and that Tysha had been no whore, just a miller's daughter who had loved Tyrion.

That moment changed Tyrion forever. It dispelled the last vision he had of his family, and filled him with such hate that he went up to his father's chambers to find Shae, with her father's golden Hand necklace about her throat. In a fit of rage, he strangled her to death, and then shot his father when he called Tysha a whore, one too many times. With that, Tyrion was free in more ways than one - and he sought his freedom on a ship that Varys put him upon. Yet he could not see his freedom for what it was, and tried to drink himself to death, until Illyario pointed him towards salvation without knowing it - a journey to Meeren to meet with Daenrys Targaryan. Tyrion learned much about himself on that trip, that he could be a mentor to future rulers, like Aemon. That he could learn how to get through life without drinking himself to death, and more importantly, that even through slavery and imprisonment, that he could keep his sanity and his sense of self. He was still Tyrion Lannister - a genius, a man who despite being many times dishonored has kept his own honor, and someone who while still wanting to be loved, is not going to give his love and respect to anyone who is not worthy of it.

Powers/Abilities/Talents: Tyrion only has two talents - he is a genius on every level - engineering, mathematics, literature, history, politics- you name it and he's not only read a book on it but has practiced it himself. He is also called 'Tyrion the Silver-tongued' for good reason, he can talk himself out of almost any situation with a glibness and sharpness that surprise his enemies.

What 4 items would you like your character to have with them on the island during their stay? Wine, a portrait of his family, the crossbow that he killed his father with, and a Nerf crossbow (so he can shoot the rubber bolts at his family.)

Samples -
First Person: In Drift Fleet
Third Person: On the TDM

Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: Sun?


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